DIGITAL SCHOOL WEB SOLUTION is a FREE comprehensive and integrated school management software / system that solves all modern school administration problems like school finance management , school mobile app, automated students registration, course registration, automated results computing, students and staff database management, email services, free bulk SMS, E-examination, web content management, JAMB CBT testing, E-Library and payment systemetc.

DIGITAL SCHOOL platform is user-friendly and easy to use by even the least enlightened user. It has the capacity of making your school transformed in the information driven age. Our goal is to make your school stand out as one of the best in town. We also customize everything to the specification of your school, thus presenting your school and its unique attributes.


DIGITAL SCHOOL WEB SOLUTION is the leading indigenous, customizable online school management solution. Benefits of using DIGITAL SCHOOL include:

  1. Income generation for the school
  2. Free customized sms per term for effective communication.
  3. Acts as source of publicity for the school.
  4. Easier access to both parents and guardians.
  5. Gives the school an edge over other schools.
  6. Students have access to many online resources and learn.
  7. Online registration for candidates.
  8. Ensures that there will be no loss of relevant information.
  9. Ensure that proper management of the entire content.
  10. Online admission for the school
  11. Online payment (Optional)
  12. Real-time customer support and staff training also available.

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